Drinks which increase Metabolism to lose weight

Drinks which increase Metabolism to lose weight

Whether it’s the lifestyle we lead or the food we eat, it may be hard for us to get our metabolism going. Some of the consequences that you can suffer in the body due to a slow metabolism are overweight and constipation.


One of the best ways to speed up the metabolism is to exercise on a regular basis. Another of the fundamental keys has to do with food. But learning to speed up metabolism does not mean consuming strange or expensive foods. And, although there are different foods that help increase the rate of metabolism, it is also possible to achieve it with the type of drinks we drink every day.


These 8 drinks not only help you burn calories faster, they also provide minerals and essential vitamins for the health of your entire body. They are also delicious!


1 # Cranberry protein shake


This type of shakes is rich in antioxidants and will help you detoxify your liver and, consequently, stimulate your metabolism. In addition, blueberries provide a significant amount of essential amino acids for your body. You can change the blueberries for other red fruits such as cherries or raspberries.


For a vegan option, replace the common milk with almond milk.


2 # Spicy mango and mandarin smoothie


The exotic flavor of the mango and the sweetness of the mandarin make this smoothie a more tempting option. In addition, both fruits represent an excellent source of minerals and vitamins that act as the perfect complement of pepper. The cayenne pepper is great for getting thin quickly if you’re looking to speed up your metabolism. If you are not a fan of the spice you can add just a little so that the flavor that predominates is that of fruits.


3 # Juice of kale, cilantro and spinach


The leafy greens are a fantastic plant to accelerate and regulate metabolism naturally. And this juice is much more delicious than you imagine.


4 # Apple, carrot and beet juice


Who does not have these ingredients in their kitchen? It is proven that beet juice helps increase physical resistance when performing exercises. Then take advantage of the power of this vegetable and complement it with the fibers and vitamins provided by the carrot and apple. To give the final touch, add a handful of coconut on top.


5 # Ayurvedic lemon tea


This tea contains spices that, along with lemon, help to burn fats and eliminate them easily. It is also the perfect drink if you also want to relax after a long day of work or study. In general, it carries thinly sliced ginger, turmeric and coriander and cumin seeds.


6 # Vanilla and almond smoothie



This is one of the options that perhaps comes closest to the smoothies you are used to. Only, in this case, the animal milk is replaced by coconut milk and added a touch of maca and chia seeds to effectively activate a slow metabolism.


7 # Water


The essential liquid for our life could not miss. When the body lacks hydration, the metabolism necessarily slows down and the calories are not burned as they should be. There is not an exact number of glasses of water that you should drink during the day. In any case, listen to your body and every time you feel thirsty, drink water.


8 # Watermelon juice


Watermelon contains arginine, one of the essential amino acids that the body needs to set the metabolism and burn fat. In addition, its fresh and sweet taste makes watermelon a special fruit to consume especially in the summer season.


These drinks can help you lose weight thanks to the stimulation of metabolism. They are also very effective if you are looking to eat healthily and maintain a weight according to your physical frame, your age and your lifestyle. I hope you try them all and that you incorporate them into your daily diet.

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