Planning Your Own Perfect Traditional Wedding

Planning Your Own Perfect Traditional Wedding

Planning Your Own Perfect Traditional Wedding

Weddings are fantastic, aren’t they? When you go to one, you see all the majestic, perfectly placed décor; the smartly dressed groomsmen and bridesmaids; the groom, smartly dressed in his fitted suit, and his lovely bride surrounded by gorgeous white. What you don’t see is how the bride and groom planned it all out beforehand. Weeks of planning went into the creation of that single perfect moment. How is this done? Well, I’m glad you asked!

Choosing Your Perfect Theme

Don’t be fooled! Having a theme doesn’t mean you all have to dress up like Disney characters. What it really means is how you imagine your wedding will look like. For example, you may imagine that your wedding décor is white and red with pretty drapes and flowers of various colours that match the main white and red. This would be the beginnings of your theme! Your theme can be simple or complicated; it can have a multitude of colours or just two or three. It’s really up to as to how you want your wedding to look; but it is important that you do know before moving on with your plans!

Making a Guest List

If you’re going to go to all this effort to create your perfect wedding, you may as well invite lots of people to show it off to, right? Well, that’s really up to you. You may wish to have just a few people; maybe even just ten or fifteen. Then again, you may want two hundred people all crammed in there just for you and your beloved! The number of guests is entirely up to you, but you do need to know the approximate number before continuing with your plans. You wouldn’t want to plan out all this fancy stuff in a place that’s big enough for hundreds and then find out you only want to invite ten people! (Then again, if a huge, mostly empty room appeals to you, go for it!)

Reserving a Well-sized Venue

Once you’ve figured out how many people you want to invite, you can move on to hiring out a venue. Hiring out a venue early on in the process is vital as you will need to know the dimensions and looks of the place you choose in order to plan what will go inside. It would be an absolute shame to plan out and buy hordes of gorgeous wedding gear only to find out that the venue can only accommodate half the things you bought.

Arranging the Necessary Helpers

After your venue is chosen, you can hire the people you will need in order to create the perfect plan under your own specifications. You’d be surprised how many people are required in order to have the perfect traditional wedding; florist; photographers; make-up artist; band; caterers; officiant; and even a planner if desired. If you wish to keep track of everything on your own, then a planner is not needed. (It can make things less stressful to have one though!) Once you have hired all these people, you are officially ready to start setting up your perfect wedding plan!

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