The long-awaited day is approaching and there is no question of letting panic invite you to the party! Naiad hair, colorful makeup, peach skin and radiant mine … We have concocted a custom schedule to be beautiful in your wedding dress!


Wedding Beauty: 4 months before, we pay attention to her line

Wedding dress, done! Location of the reception, done! Catering, done! Now is the time to take care of you. We pamper ourselves from head to toe to be well in his shoes on the day of the wedding ceremony!


We do well with a healthy and balanced diet: smoothies and acidulous fruit juice, steam vegetables and detox herbal teas!


And to refine a little more its silhouette and be in beauty, the direction the gym: opt for yoga or pilates if you want in addition to remove the stress. Bride weight loss treatment Chelmsford


3 months before the wedding, we take care of her hair

There are girls who always have perfectly shiny and thick hair. And then there are the others! That galley to have volume or ripples drawn. Fortunately, there are shampoos and treatments that will turn your mane into mermaid hair.


Do not hesitate to take a look at the side of natural beauty products. Some essential oils for hairdo wonders!


2 months before the wedding, we try to tame them

Rather loose hair chic hippie version or bun with a glitter barrette? Not easy to know which hairstyle to adopt on the day of her wedding. Obviously, it’s about choosing a hairstyle in harmony with her wedding dress.


Indulge yourself: try different hairstyles. The idea is to highlight your beauty and especially to find you beautiful! Whatever the hairstyle chose, an accessory will be welcome to sublimate your look!


Wedding makeup: 1 month before the wedding, we try the make-up

The beauty of a bride goes through an expertly dosed wedding make-up. No taste fault tolerated on the day! Makeup can sublimate you as a femme fatale or diaphanous beauty.


Professional advice: experiment, play with textures, pigments and colors! And if you are not completely satisfied with the result, delete and start again! Also, remember to hydrate your face to have a fresh and rested complexion.


Three days before the wedding day, we end with the beauty

This time, it’s the beautician’s direction to have soft legs on the wedding day. And at the same time, little beauty of the eyebrows and pretty nail manicure. From head to toe, you will be perfect to live this magic moment.

Make up artist 


Whether you’ve planned a professional make-up artist or decided to make-up yourself, test your makeup a few days before. In the first case, your makeup artist has an idea in mind but that does not suit you and you find the result not suitable for your bridal hairstyle.


In the second case, you are not necessarily a makeup expert and the result is not really chic. Do not hesitate to reproduce it several times to take the right actions, to see what best fits your expectations and the rest of your outfit …


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