Why Do Many Marriages End Badly?

Why Do Many Marriages End Badly?

You know things are not going well for you and your partner. Your spouse did seem aloof and stern the last time you spoke with him/her. Like always you expect him/her to come around and become his/her normal self. But things will change. One day, you will come home to find his/her clothes missing from the cabinet and find a divorce notice on the table.

Do you think this kind of traumatic event could happen into your life? Well, it’s not uncommon that couples begin to fight and make up. But one day you’ll be surprised that both of you will fall apart for good. Don’t neglect your relationship problems. You never know it could be treading towards a rocky road too.

Reasons Why Marriages End Badly

  • Extra-marital affairs are what to blame for the breakdown of marriages. It is the primary cause of divorce. The reasons why partners cheat are not as dry as your anger may lead you to believe. Along with the lack of emotional intimacy and sexual appetite, resentment is an underlying reason for cheating. Infidelity begins as an innocent friendship according to experts. It usually starts as an emotional affair and becomes a physical relationship as time goes on.


  • Financial Matters. Different spending habits or financial objectives can cause a traumatic breakup. Money touches everything and impacts people’s lives. Plus, money and stress go hand in hand for most couples. https://trusted-pensions.co.uk/divorcing/


  • Lack of Proper Communication. Communication plays a vital role in successful marriages. The failure to communicate effectively leads to frustration and resentment, affecting every aspect of a relationship. Good communication serves as the foundation of a strong and lasting marriage. Not talking enough with your partner or making nasty comments to express your thoughts are unhealthy Well, practicing good communication can be tough. But it’s worth the time and effort.


  • Constant Argument. Couples who keep having the same argument feel like they are not heard or appreciated. Many find it difficult to see the partner’s point of view, leading to non-stop discussions without a resolution. Listening to your spouse, positively expressing yourself, and effectively communicating are important.


  • Unrealistic Expectations. Going into a relationship with lofty expectations is simple. However, these high and unrealistic standards can put a strain on your partner. Not only does it set your spouse down, but it also causes a breakup. As a partner, set realistic expectations. Plus, give your spouse the leeway. Don’t be in control of the relationship.


  • Lack of Intimacy. Not feeling connected to your spouse can ruin a marriage. It leaves couples the feeling of living with a stranger or roommates. The culprit is the lack of emotional and physical intimacy. If you have been giving your partner the cold shoulder, it can become the reason for divorce. Making your marriage special and romantic is the responsibility of each other. Make sure to practice acts of kindness and appreciation. Plus, enjoy physical intimacy to keep that relationship warm and intimate through the years.

Indeed, there’s no perfect marriage. The acceptance of your partner’s weaknesses and strengths, proper communication, trust, and respect contribute to a meaningful and long-lasting relationship. The risk of breaking up will be lower than what you’ve expected in the first place.





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