Will Fat Freezing Help Lose My Belly for my Wedding

Will Fat Freezing Help Lose My Belly for my Wedding

No matter if you marry in white or not, the bride wants to make a good figure on the day of her wedding. Many years later she picks up her photos and remembers the wedding. Especially on such a day, you want to be slim and good looking.


If the bride plans her wedding in time and thinks that losing weight is important to her for the wedding, she has enough time and can still lose weight with healthy diet and exercise.


Healthy Diet and Sport – Important for losing weight


Slimming wedding

Especially a significant event like a wedding brings a lot of motivation to eat healthily and do sports.


With so much motivation, targetted fat loss is not that hard for the wedding and if you start a few weeks earlier, many pounds is less on your hips. When dieting you should make sure that you eat healthily and not too fast decreases. At the wedding, you want to look slim, but not sick. A healthy diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables.


In addition to the main meal with a large portion of vegetables, you can eat a few cucumbers or tomatoes for breakfast and dinner. As a snack, you can eat a piece of fruit. It is also important to lose lean protein while you lose weight to maintain your muscles. If you want to lose a few kilos at the beginning, you can largely (but not completely!) Avoid carbohydrates. This is best in the evening, so no bread, potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner.


It makes sense to support a diet with sports, which strengthens the muscles and improves posture. After losing weight for the wedding, you can keep the new figure even better with Sport. If you have to order the wedding dress early, you should make sure that you can make it even tighter so that it fits perfectly on the wedding day. It makes best two weeks before the wedding a final appointment with the tailor.


Of course, you should not overdo it with losing weight for the wedding. Here we would like to introduce you to three very good programs, which combine healthy nutrition and sport so that the results are also correct in the long term.


BodyChange – with Detlef D! Soost

BodyChange lasts for 10 weeks, making it ideal for losing weight during the wedding. The famous motivator Detlef D! Soost encourages healthy weight loss. After registration every week you get 2-3 videos with information about sports, nutrition and motivation. The weight loss program is based on the latest scientific findings and was developed by experienced sports scientists and nutritionists.


Weight Watchers

At Weight Watchers, healthy weight loss is paramount. This program is very popular because it has many successes and you do not have to “starve”, but can easily lose weight through a balanced diet. So that losing weight for the upcoming wedding does not become a permanent diet, you do not have to do without sweets & Co. at Weight Watchers – because the preparation time for the wedding should also be fun.


Gymondo – Slim for the wedding

The online fitness platform Gymondo focuses on versatility. Her new “Slim for the Wedding” fitness program lasts 8 weeks and is a mix of sweaty cardio workouts, firming waist and upper body figure training, and relaxing back, yoga- and pilates exercises. Rounding it off with fun dance workouts, so you as a bride on the dance floor make a good figure. So a weight loss program for those interested in sports or those who want to be. 7 days you can train for free.


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